Pumpkin Muffins

Ok – I’ve waited this long to post a pumpkin recipe… I’m so proud of myself! Tay loves it when I make a batch of muffins on the weekend because it gives her an easy go-to breakfast throughout the week. Normally, I gravitate towards banana muffins because they are a family favorite, but since it’s … More Pumpkin Muffins

TGIF- fun finds

Smile…it’s Friday! Although summer vacation is wonderful and magical, there is something about being back at work that makes Friday’s seem like the best thing to happen all week! I love the Friday afternoon feeling; where you have the whole weekend to look forward to! Greg and I recently had a night out with some … More TGIF- fun finds

TGIF – fun finds

Happy Friday! This week was a nice week of relaxation and tackling some home organization projects during the day. Oh – and naps… there were lots of naps this week! Greg and I recently discovered (and binge-watched the entire season) Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon. This show is fantastic! It follows British TV personality, Jeremy Clarkson … More TGIF – fun finds

TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! Another week in the books and it was a long one!! Tay’s birthday is next week and I think the excitement over birthday festivities (and surprises!) is making this week last forever. Can’t wait to share with you all how we are going to celebrate the big 1-2! Since my daughter would rather … More TGIF- fun finds

Buttermilk Biscuits

Sky-high biscuits, to me, are a sign of a good meal. I mean, you know they are light and fluffy, probably full of buttery goodness, and they are waiting to be topped with some concoction of amazing-ness. They are a blank slate for happiness. I have made plenty of biscuits in my day, but the … More Buttermilk Biscuits

Christmas Traditions

Happy 2021! While I want to leave 2020 way in the past- I do want to share some of our Christmas traditions (new and old!) that made the end of year just a little bit sweeter!!! Doughnuts! Honestly- I love them. (It’s something that my three-year-old nephew and I share…a deep love of doughnuts!) There … More Christmas Traditions

TGIF- fun finds

We are almost there! For those of us who have been slogging through Distance Learning and online teaching…one more week until winter break. This weekend will (hopefully) be a nice little preview of the relaxing and calming winter break that is to come! Breakfast has become an important part of our day…and our family time. … More TGIF- fun finds