Blueberry Sweet Rolls

We had a friend stay with us a few weekends ago and I wanted to create something delicious – and easy – for breakfast that we could all enjoy. Knowing that something like cinnamon rolls is always a bog hit, I went searching for a new roll to make.

I had a bunch of blueberries so I went searching for some kind of blueberry sweet roll. I stumbled upon the Pioneer Woman’s Blueberry Sweet Roll recipe and I liked what I saw. There was a nice balance of blueberries and lemons and I knew that it would be tasty. But – I was not that excited about the idea of making everything in the morning. So, I found my Overnight Cinnamon Roll recipe and used that dough with the filling and glaze from the Pioneer Woman. It was a fabulous mash-up!

I loved the sheer amount of lemon zest that went into his recipe! Seriously – I think that blueberry and lemon belong together and I was so happy to see the lemon prominently featured in this recipe. The filling is full of sugar, lemon zest, and lots of fresh blueberries! It was a bit tricky to roll the dough, all the blueberries kept trying to escape, but I managed to get them all nicely tucked away!

The finished rolls were so good! The lemon and the berries gave a nice, tart contrast to the sweetness of the sugar and I loved this unexpected twist on a typical morning roll.

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