Day Trippin-‘ Ventura Food Tour

If you haven’t figured it out by now, downtown Ventura is my happy place. I love the vibe. I love the weather. I love the stores. And, I especially love the food! A few weekends ago Greg and I dropped Tay and a friend at the beach and decided to check out some of the … More Day Trippin-‘ Ventura Food Tour

TGIF- fun finds

For me, summer is this close! 5 more days of school and then we will be out! These last two weeks have been such a long stretch of work… mostly because there is so much to look forward to this summer. Kitchen remodel starts Monday, then a fun trip with the kiddos from school, and … More TGIF- fun finds

Cheddar Biscuits

Cheese and bread…. what could be better?!? A few weeks ago Jill and I went to a “fancy” lunch at Paul Martin’s and had some amazing salads…and cheddar biscuits! They were so delicious and so perfect alongside a salad, I knew I had to make some at home! There is a plethora of recipes online, … More Cheddar Biscuits

Mini Key Lime Pies

I love making complex desserts – baking everything from scratch and impressing the masses. But, there are also times where I need to make something quick and easy… yet still tastes amazing! Enter Sally’s Baking Addiction’s Mini Key Lime Pies. One of the easiest desserts to make during a time-crunch! So, Sally’s recipe is more … More Mini Key Lime Pies

TGIF- fun finds

This week has been difficult. I’m not going to sugar coat it – it has been a tough one. Every school shooting affects me a little bit more than the last. As a public school teacher, someone married to a public school teacher, and the mother of a school-aged child, it terrifies me that school … More TGIF- fun finds

TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! It is the start of a VERY busy time of the year! Between school finishing up, end of the year concerts and shows, meetings, parties… it seems like every free moment is booked! But, I love this time of year – regardless of the chaos! We had some people over for dinner last … More TGIF- fun finds

Good Reads

Since I was in a reading funk for so long, I have a ton of books to catch up on now that I am at it again. Wanting something light and fun to read, Tay suggested, People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry. She had picked it up on one of her many outings … More Good Reads