TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! It is the start of a VERY busy time of the year! Between school finishing up, end of the year concerts and shows, meetings, parties… it seems like every free moment is booked! But, I love this time of year – regardless of the chaos!

We had some people over for dinner last weekend and I got to entertain… like I used to (and I loved it!) Ever sine Covid, I have been slow to resume having people over for dinner parties, which is something I have always loved. I don’t know why I haven’t been entertaining like I used to, but I have certainly missed having people gathered around our table sharing food, wine, and each other’s company. This will be the summer of dinner parties (that’s my official declaration!)

I finally decided on some fun new things for the kitchen, including my new drinkware! So much of what Greg and I have in our kitchen is from our wedding (19 years ago!) that I decided it was time to replace some of it. I chose these three glasses for the kitchen and they arrived this week. I cannot wait to actually start using them in the new kitchen! All are from World Market and I am so pleased with the quality and the price!

Hope you have a lovely and amazing weekend!

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