Mini Key Lime Pies

I love making complex desserts – baking everything from scratch and impressing the masses. But, there are also times where I need to make something quick and easy… yet still tastes amazing! Enter Sally’s Baking Addiction’s Mini Key Lime Pies. One of the easiest desserts to make during a time-crunch!

So, Sally’s recipe is more “homemade” than I made mine – so let me share with you some easy hacks. The first one… Keebler Graham Mini Pie Crusts. Yep – they are pie crusts, already made, in adorable little tins, ready to be filled! These pie crusts are amazing hacks and save so much time! Seriously, I love them! Not only are they great for this recipe, but they would be delicious filled with a chocolate pudding pie, a cheesecake, fruit tart… the possibilities are endless!

Second hack to make your life easier… pre-squeezed lime juice. I know, I know, this is not key lime juice, but it really works just the same. Apparently, there is a pre-squeezed key lime juice on the market, but I could not find it. So, I relied on this regular lime juice, and it was fantastic!

These little pies were so ridiculously easy to make, took no time to bake, and made SO many people happy! I ended up getting 12 pies out of a batch and they were a delectable addition to our last department meeting of the school year.

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