Cheddar Biscuits

Cheese and bread…. what could be better?!? A few weeks ago Jill and I went to a “fancy” lunch at Paul Martin’s and had some amazing salads…and cheddar biscuits! They were so delicious and so perfect alongside a salad, I knew I had to make some at home!

There is a plethora of recipes online, so I used a recipe from someone I trusted, Martha Stewart. These biscuits had a very simple ingredient list and I liked the use of buttermilk. I am clearly in the camp of those who think buttermilk makes everything better!

The biscuits took no time at all to come together (thanks to my Cuisinart Food Processor which makes the BEST dough!) I paired them with a homemade honey-thyme butter – because that is what Paul Martin’s served! Overall, this was a fantastic side dish that added a little something special to our meal.

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