Congo Bars

This is my friend, Jill. I love Jill. We go together like peas and carrots. Like wine and cheese. See, one of the things that make us so perfect for each other is that Jill is an incredible cook – I crave her short ribs, her roast chicken, her bucatini… and I make the desserts! … More Congo Bars

TGIF – fun finds

Happy Friday – and more importantly, happy all-about-my-favorite market day! I figured I should dedicate an entire “fun finds” post to TJ’s… since a bulk of paycheck goes there each week! The Breaded Fried Ravioli are the most amazing go-to easy lunch or appetizer I have found! I used to make breaded fried ravioli and … More TGIF – fun finds

Oven-Fried Southern Chicken with Sweet Honey Bourbon Sauce

Honey and Bourbon are a winning combination. Well, I guess maple and Bourbon are too… I guess Bourbon and pretty much everything are pretty damn good together! I think that Bourbon is definitely having its moment in the spotlight, and I find it popping up in a lot of different recipes and on menus. Looking … More Oven-Fried Southern Chicken with Sweet Honey Bourbon Sauce