Peanut Chicken Spring Roll Bowls

By now, it’s pretty safe to say that you all know my obsession with Half Baked Harvest. I love the website, the recipes, and the entire aesthetic that Tieghan puts forth. It’s my vibe. When I want to try a new recipe, this is usually my first stop. Recently, Tieghan posted a new recipe that was pretty much a deconstructed spring roll in a bowl, and I was all in. Plus, there was a peanut sauce! Double win!!!

There were two things that drew me to this recipe right off the bat. First – the sauce. I love a good Asian-inspired peanut sauce. This one was full of so many good flavors -and a ton of lime, so I knew it would be tangy and creamy and perfect. It was. The second thing that I loved about this recipe was the fact that you used both cabbage and noodles as the base, so it was not as carb-y as a noodle dish and had an incredible crunch from the cabbage. It as a genius move!

This recipe was perfect for a family of picky eaters, because each person could add to their bowl what they wanted and leave off what they don’t. Everything in this recipe could also be made ahead – except for the noodles, which you could cook up at the last minute. I see this as being a fabulous summer recipe where you would get the benefit of a cold dinner but having it still be hearty and filling.

Overall, I was so pleased with this dinner and it is going to be a constant on my summer dinner rotation. And that sauce… I was so right about how delicious it was…. if nothing else, just make the sauce!

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