TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! Another week in the books and it was a long one!! Tay’s birthday is next week and I think the excitement over birthday festivities (and surprises!) is making this week last forever. Can’t wait to share with you all how we are going to celebrate the big 1-2!

Since my daughter would rather sleep than eat breakfast, I have taken it upon myself to make some delectable breakfast dishes to entice her out of bed each morning. I know she will do better at school if she eats- so breakfast has become my new mission! If you have any quick breakfast ideas for picky eater- let me know!!! I’m always on the lookout for some new ideas.

I always seem to be on the searching for some good masks (and they always seem to be disappearing!) and these adorable little heart ones are some of my new favorites. They are super comfortable with two layers of fabric- but they don’t seem any heavier than my other masks. In addition, they have a bendable nose piece so I can wear them with my glasses and my glasses don’t fog up!!! When I bought them, they were $7.99 for two masks- so they are also a great deal!!

One of my new favorite hobbies (if you can even call it that!) is taking pictures of the pups in funny sleeping situations. Both dogs have been sleeping on each other’s beds and I find it hilarious. Greg has a long list of sleeping dog photos on his phone that I send him throughout the day- whether he wants them or not!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! ❤️

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