TGIF – fun finds

Happy Friday! This week was a nice week of relaxation and tackling some home organization projects during the day. Oh – and naps… there were lots of naps this week!

Greg and I recently discovered (and binge-watched the entire season) Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon. This show is fantastic! It follows British TV personality, Jeremy Clarkson as he deicides to farm his own plot of land in Oxfordshire. It is full of epic fails and really interesting information about farming itself. It was laugh-out-loud funny and Greg and I could not wait to watch each episode.

I have been getting back into IF (Intermittent Fasting) this summer and I have loved how it makes me feel. Basically I eat for a 10-hour window during the day and fast for 14 hours. This isn’t overly extreme and I love the energy I have. My new favorite brunch (around 10:30am) is a deviled egg, avocado rice cakes, and a delicious, juicy nectarine. It hits the spot every time and keeps me filled for hours.

The dogs are living their best summer life, and I have decided that this picture is going to be their new album cover – when it drops! The Dynamic Duo!!!

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