Pumpkin Muffins

Ok – I’ve waited this long to post a pumpkin recipe… I’m so proud of myself! Tay loves it when I make a batch of muffins on the weekend because it gives her an easy go-to breakfast throughout the week. Normally, I gravitate towards banana muffins because they are a family favorite, but since it’s pumpkin season… our muffin choices change!

I wanted to find an easy, simple pumpkin muffin recipe that didn’t have a lot going on because… picky eaters! I came across this Allrecipes one that looked easy and had a tiny crumb topping that would make my muffins tasty without being too fancy.

The first thing I loved about this recipe was the color of the batter – it was so beautiful! A bright pumpkin orange color that made me so happy. I was a bit surprised by how little spice was required for this recipe, but being the good little baker I am, I followed along.

The muffins came out good. They are pretty basic, not overly spiced or sweet. If you are looking for an intense pumpkin flavor, you might want to try another recipe. But for my family – these hit the jackpot. Tay loved these muffins (based on how many muffin wrappers I found in her room!) and they have already been requested again.

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