Crispy Salmon Burrito Bowls

I am always on the lookout for some interesting dinner ideas, so I challenging myself to cook one new-to-me meal a week to try and incorporate into our repertoire. Up first – What’s Gaby Cooking’s Crispy Salmon Burrito Bowls!

The ingredient list for this meal is all staples in our house: white rice, salmon, avocado, black beans… but the way she puts them together was new. I have never done a Mexican inspired salmon dish so I was excited to see the melding of these flavors. But, the thing that got me most excited… the Cilantro Vinaigrette! Seriously, this stuff is addicting, and oh-so-good! One thing I love about Gaby is her different vinaigrette creations… they are all amazing. This cilantro one was mind blowing!

Everything took such a short amount of time to come together and the flavors worked really well together. I felt that overall this was a nice, healthy way to enjoy the Mexican flavors that my family loves.

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