TGIF – fun finds

Whoo-hoo… It’s Friday! I cannot believe that October is nearing an end and this week marks the official end of Quarter 1 for the school year. On one hand, the first 1/4 of the year has flown by, and on the other hand this has been the LONGEST quarter of my life!!!

I had to… I had to break down and makes some of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. If you don’t know which ones I am talking about, the recipe is here. Try them – they are amazing, you will thank me later! These cookies seem to right so many wrongs in the world…

Speaking of cookies, I finished an order for some unique Halloween cookies and I have to say that these little cuties might be my most favorite cookies I have ever done. I don’t know why, but I just love these! The ghosts especially just make me smile. Tay has already requested that I make some of these for our Halloween party, so I guess there are more cookies to be made!!!

I saw this meme online the other day and laughed out loud. This pretty much sums up Oscar whenever the doorbell rings! He is so fierce and protective when people come to the door, and then… he turns into a pile of mush the moment he realizes there is no threat. What a goofball!

Happy Friday!

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