TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday!!!! We are now on the last 1/3 of May…so that means the next 10 days will feel like 1,367 days for us teachers! the end of the year is TORTURE!!! I had to share this adorable vase my mother-in-law found for me on a recent trip to Zion. When I opened it I … More TGIF- fun finds

Buttermilk Biscuits

Sky-high biscuits, to me, are a sign of a good meal. I mean, you know they are light and fluffy, probably full of buttery goodness, and they are waiting to be topped with some concoction of amazing-ness. They are a blank slate for happiness. I have made plenty of biscuits in my day, but the … More Buttermilk Biscuits

Dutch Baby Pancake

I am always on the look out for new breakfast recipes that fit the following requirements: 1. Easy- something I can make before coffee 2. Fast- I can’t wait all morning to eat…I might die!!! 3. Simple- I am surrounded by picky eaters…no fancy ingredients My amazing friend, Asya, is always making some pretty incredible … More Dutch Baby Pancake

Cinnamon Sugar Scones

The other morning I was minding my own business, scrolling through Instagram, when my eyes were assaulted with the most delicious looking breakfast. These light and fluffy scones claimed to be easy to make, and made my tummy rumble with delight, so I gave up trying to be lazy – and instead tackled Smitten Kitchen’s … More Cinnamon Sugar Scones