Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I have been attempting a few desserts that might make it to the big table! We always have to have a tried and true pumpkin pie (it’s Greg’s absolute favorite!) but I like to add a less traditional dessert option too. Since cheesecake is always a good choice, I visited the Smitten Kitchen website to see what she had cooking – and this Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake was exactly the thing I was looking for!

This cheesecake in unique because it has three layers of deliciousness, starting with a gingersnap/pecan crust, then the pumpkin cheesecake layer, and finally a bourbon cream layer. I thought these different flavor layers would be so yummy together, and I was right! The cheesecake was a little something different from a typical Thanksgiving dessert for sure.

Reading through the recipe, I noticed that there was a note on the bottom that talks about how easy this recipe is – especially if you have a food processor. This made me so happy! I have a food processor and I love to use it!! The cheesecake was ridiculously easy to make in my food processor and – bonus – the cleanup was also super quick!

The final dessert was premiered at our Friendsgiving (more about that to come!) and it was a hit! We topped it with an additional layer of homemade whipped cream (you can’t have too many layers!) and it was a perfect fall bite.

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