TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday!!!! We are now on the last 1/3 of May…so that means the next 10 days will feel like 1,367 days for us teachers! the end of the year is TORTURE!!!

I had to share this adorable vase my mother-in-law found for me on a recent trip to Zion. When I opened it I just smiled- the colors and spattering of hearts makes me so happy! Paired with the happiest of all flowers- the Gerber Daisies- it just brightens my day!!!

Another thing that makes me happy…rainbow confetti cookies! I love this recipe (you can see my blog about it here) and the cookies themselves just instantly elevate any mood. I made a batch for a customer recently and I wasn’t upset that there were a few extras laying around…

Hope someone in your life shows you some love this weekend by letting you nap (it is the ultimate sign of love in my book!) It’s obvious that these two peas in a pod are certainly loved…

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