Cinnamon Bread Face Off- Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

In the second installment of Cinnamon Bread Face Off, let me present to you, What’s Gaby Cooking’s Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread. This crazy delicious bread is flaky, sweet, and studded with chocolate chips…which makes everything better!

Let me begin by saying that this bread is not the easiest to make- there are a lot of steps- but it pays off in the end! Reading through the recipe prior to making it, I was nervous. There were a lot of steps and cutting and stacking…but I did it! Also, this bread is messy! Cinnamon seeped out of the dough, chocolate chips littered my kitchen… I just embraced the chaos!

Once I stacked and cut and layered the bread in the loaf pan, I stood back and admired my handiwork. It was pretty- unbaked, but pretty! Reading the recipe I was hesitant with the cooking- Gaby warns that you have to cook it long enough or the inside will not be cooked all the way- which means the top of the bread will be a very dark brown. I watched this baby closely as it cooked, wanting to make sure it was all perfect!

Well…perfect it was! Not to toot my own horn, but this bread was amazing! It is more like a dessert than a day-to-day bread. The chocolate balanced out the sweetness and it was melt-in-you-mouth tasty!

So, which cinnamon bread was best? I honestly can’t say- they were so different and so perfect in their own way. Try making them both for yourself… you’ll see what I mean!!!

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