Confetti Cookies

To be honest, work meetings suck. I know, I know, they are useful and necessary…but you can’t deny the fact that they are a drag on your day. Solution to this sadness- cookies, of course! And, if said cookies are screaming out school spirit (as in school colors – black and gold) even better!

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and found a gorgeous little picture of these cookies that made me so happy – Confetti Cookies from Smitten Kitchen. They were cheery and happy and colorful – exactly what a dull meeting needs to sweeten the day! I knew then that I had to make these for the meeting… but with a twist. I had school color sprinkles…so this would be the obvious choice.

Making these cookies was fun and easy. I like the fact that I got to break out the food processor instead of my tried-and-true mixer. I honestly don’t think I have ever made cookies in my food processor, but it works! The recipe said that the cookies have more impact if they are bigger- more sprinkles for each cookie. I took this advice to heart and made ridiculously large cookies! If you were wondering…yes, these cookies spread as they bake!!!

I was so happy with how these cookies came out. They scream school spirit and are delicious… and huge! Definitely worth going to a meeting for!

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