Thanksgiving 2021

The kickoff to the holiday season (or was that Halloween- I forget!) is in the books- and it was good food, family, and much needed relaxation.

We started the week off with some serious downtime; getting caught up on work, sleep, and the little things around the house. We did make it up to the beach in Ventura to enjoy our amazing California weather and indulge in some yummy treats.

Thanksgiving day donned and it did not disappoint. We spent the day with Greg’s mom, sister, and her husband. Nice, small, and casual. The food was a collaboration between the three ladies and everything was so tasty!

I do have to take a moment to highlight my little Tay’s contribution to the meal- a homemade pumpkin soup. She doesn’t cook often, but when she does it is amazing! This is going to be one of my favorite fall meals from here on out!

My brother-in-law, Steve, was in charge of a signature cocktail and he knocked it out of the park with three different options! He discovered a local distillery, Ventura Spirits, and went to town creating delectable drinks. We are already planning a visit to their tasting room soon!

Lily and I both hope your holiday was just as good as ours!

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