TGIF – fun finds

Well – it is finally here! The last day of school before Thanksgiving break!!! It has been a slow climb to get here and I am so excited that we made it. Here’s to a week of rest and relaxation!

I came across this photo on my IG feed and immediately sent it to Greg. One of my Bucket-List dreams in life is to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Since the best time to view it is the fall, and that is not ideal for teachers… I always thought I would have to wait to see this. But, I have made up my mind and before Tay graduates from high school (we have 5 years!) I want to take a week off and go see this. If the photos take my breath away, I can’t imagine what it would be like in real life…

On a recent adventure, I stumbled across these shoes, called Pons, and instantly fell in love. They are made in Spain and the cutest flats to wear with jeans or dresses. They come in a huge variety of colors and I love how simple yet adorable they are. If anyone needs to buy me a holiday present, I am a size 38…

The adventuring continues for Lily and me. We have been hitting the trails (mostly with Oscar in the backpack on my back!) enjoying the fall weather. Last weekend did her in… a half and hour after we retuned from our hike, she was passed out and drooling on the bed. I guess a tired dog is a happy dog!

I’m going to take next week off from posting in order to just relax with the family, but I will be back November 29th with a Thanksgiving recap! Hope you have a wonderful and restful break!!!

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