Day Trippin’ – Downtown Ventura

The start of the school year always makes hermits out of us teachers. Between the grading and lesson planning, weekends are typically eaten up by work with barely a chance to do anything for fun. Well, Greg and I decided the we needed some fun in our lives, so we headed out to Downtown Ventura for a little Sunday adventure.

The reason for the trip – we wanted to try some coffee from a local shop to bring some home for the week. A good cup of coffee can really set the mood for the day, so we wanted to find the best. We began our adventure with a stop at Singing Sun Coffee Shop and we greeted with the most amazing coffee smells and a very cool aesthetic.

After our caffeination break, we headed into the midst of downtown and all the stores! Tay is at a fun age right now where she is really into thrifting clothes, crystals, books, and records – which Ventura has a lot of! We found some cool finds at the Calico Cat Bookshop, which Tay wants to use to create an art wall in her bedroom. I’ll keep you posted… it sounds amazing!

Although there was a ton for Tay, there is also a ton for both Greg and me, too! One of Greg’s favorite stores is Iron & Resin which has an incredible assortment of men’s clothing and goods – and when we were there the salesclerk informed me that they are starting a women’s line as well! I also discovered a new store right up my alley – Passport Habits. Filled with curated goods from all over the globe – I loved everything about this place! I actually purchased this sweater and am obsessed with how cute and comfy it is!!!

We ended our day with an early dinner at Rincon Brewing Company where we knew we would have some good beer and food to match. We enjoyed our meal while watching the sun set over the outdoor patio and realized that our day out-and-about was just what we needed to recharge.

More day trippin’ in our future, please!!!

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