Fregola Sarda

A few years ago, my friend Asya had an exchange student from Italy live with her. At one point, the exchange student gifted Asya with this pasta, Fregola, and she had NO idea what to do with it. It caught my interest and I finally decided to tackle making a fregola pasta dish!

I searched the internet to look for Fregola pasta and upon finding some, I went looking for a recipe. The website, Food52, had the best looking recipe for Fregola Sarda so away I went!

Fregola pasta is tiny – I think it is most similar to Israeli couscous- and in this recipe you actually cook it in the sauce instead of boiling it in water. I went for a tomato based dish and chose to work with the best of the best tomatoes, Cento, to ensure the most flavorful sauce.

All together, this dish came together so quickly and it was so easy. The only problem I encountered was of my own making… I thought I had basil to top the pasta with – but I did not! Some quick thinking saved me, and I used some Basil Vinaigrette to top off the pasta and it was so freaking good!

Overall I was pretty happy with this dish. All three members of my family enjoyed it, and it was super easy to throw together on a weeknight. It was a fun new shape and I will be making this again!

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