TGIF- fun finds

Fall is here, and even the weather in Southern California is cooperating! I am loving the cool mornings and the cooler all-around temps we have been experiencing. It’s my favorite time of year!

Cookie orders have been steadily coming through the last couple of months. I am gearing up for my holiday orders, but in the meantime I have been doing some custom orders that have been really fun.

I have an amazing friend, Marie, who always gifts us the most amazing hand-knit goodies. She makes these napkins that are the most amazing reusable napkins that I am obsessed with! This week, Marie left a surprise package on our front porch of three pumpkins and the cutest little acorns! I love these homemade surprises… and the woman who makes them!

Cooler temps mean excessive snuggles from the pups! One thing is for sure, both of my dogs certainly are California dogs… the moment it gets below 60 degrees they are under a blanket! Lily is the most ridiculous… but, I love her!

Happy Friday!

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