Cobb Salad

A big ‘ol debate in my house is whether salad is a meal. I am on the side of yes, a salad could totally be a meal. Load it down with some protein, maybe a side of bread, and you are done. Greg, on the other hand, doesn’t agree. I have tried tricking him by turning a salad into a “wrap” but he sees right through that! He thinks a salad is a starter and never an entire meal.

Well, I have tried once more to turn a salad into a meal, and I think that this one may be a winner! I recently was looking for some good summer salads and I came across a recipe for a Cobb Salad dressing and I was reminded of the classic Cobb. I seriously had forgotten about this staple of the salad world!!! This protein-rich salad was a perfect lunch for a day when my friend, Jill, was coming for lunch and I was excited to see if Greg would classify this salad as a true meal.

First order of business was to make the dressing. The recipe I found on Pinterest was delicious sounding so I quickly threw it together. It made SO MUCH DRESSING!!! But, it was amazing and a dressing I could use on a number of different salads.

Next it was time to assemble the goods. I went with the traditional toppings for a Cobb salad – bacon, hard boiled eggs, chicken, avocado, bleu cheese and then added some tomatoes, carrots, and croutons. I displayed it all pretty and then drizzled the dressing on top… it was a work of art!

So, did Greg consider this a meal????? He did – for a few hours. About three hours after lunch I did hear him mumble about all I fed him was a salad for lunch, but I will take this as a win!

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