Good Reads

Hunter Biden’s memoir, Beautiful Things, is tragically sad and takes a look at how addiction can affect every member of a family.

I had listened to an interview with Hunter Biden about his memoir and few months ago and was interested in finding out more about his story. Obviously, we all know who Hunter Biden is, but after reading this book, I realized his portrayl in the media is completely biased and oftentimes just flat out wrong.

Hunter endured so many losses in his life, from his mother and sister dying when he was a young child, to the more recent death of his brother. Along the way, Hunter searched for ways to cope with the loss and he found drugs.

What I appreciate about the book, is that Hunter does not make excuses as to why he turned to drugs. Instead, he acknowledges that it was not the correct way to deal with pain and loss, but it was his way. He is brutally honest with the his struggles and how it affected those closest to him – his children and his father.

This book left me rooting for Hunter and wanting so badly for him to stay on the sober path he has so recently discovered. Addiction is hard – made even harder by the media scrutiny. My heart goes out to Hunter.

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