Chocolate and Sea Salt Rugelach

Molly Yeh is a joy. That’s it- just a joy. I recently discovered her on the Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm and I love her Midwestern recipes and peppy attitude. She makes incredible, “real” food that honors where she lives as well as her Jewish and Chinese heritage.

I was visiting her blog the other day when I came across a favorite Jewish recipe of mine- rugelach. I was introduced to chocolate rugelach almost 20 years ago when I spent my first holiday season with Greg and his family. Aunt Merrie would always bring a box from Diamond Bakery in Los Angles and my heart would sing. Without family gatherings and with Covid upon us, I figured I would miss my yearly rugelach. While Molly Yeh’s Chocolate Sea Salt Rugelach wasn’t the exact same- it was still an amazing treat!

Rugelach takes planning! There is a lot of time needed to chill the dough, then chill the assembled cookies…but overall they aren’t difficult to make. The dough is full of butter end cream cheese which gives it a flaky, almost pastry life texture. The chocolate filling is straight up melted chocolate chips- Molly suggests milk chocolate but I did a mix of milk and dark chocolate. I thought it came out perfectly. The logs of assembled rugelach were so pretty- I had to share a picture with you! And once I cut them…it was happiness!

Look at how cute and perfect they look all lined up on the cookie sheet! Molly suggests sprinkles and sea salt on top of the cookies so I indulged in my Christmas colors and went to town. It was kinda fun making Jewish cookies with Christmas sprinkles. I felt it was very representative of my family!!! In the future- I think I would just do the sea salt. While the sprinkles were festive, I’m just not a huge sprinkles fan.

The rugelach were the perfect addition to my Holiday cookie platter! Since it was a small Christmas with just us, I froze a ton of them to take out for a special treat in the coming weeks…if they last that long!

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