Good Reads

I have read a few books by Hendricks and Pekkanen (An Anonymous Girl and The Wife Between Us) and really enjoyed them- so when I saw You Are Not Alone on my library app’s shelf, I jumped at the chance to read it.

Like their other books in the past, Hendricks and Pekkanen did not disappoint. I love how easy their books are to read. They are thrillers but there is always some unexpected twist that I never see coming. Although their books are not “life changing” I know I am always in for a good read.

You Are Not Alone centers on Shay Miller who is in New York without anything really tethering her down. Along come the Moore sisters, Cassandra and Jane, and they seem to be Shay’s fairy godmothers. The story appears to be about female friendships and sisterhood…but there is so much more!

As the rainy season begins her in SoCal- this is a perfect book to get lost in on a drizzly afternoon!!!

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