TGIF – fun finds

Happy Inauguration Week! I sure felt a weight lifted off my shoulders on Wednesday and I loved every moment of the inauguration ceremony for President Biden and VP Harris. Did you guys see the total love that each of them had for their families? The tears, the smiles, the embraces…that is what I have missed the most the last four years- a family that truly loves each other. Awww- my heart is so happy! ❤️

Keeping with my Biden- love fest theme, I finally received my Dr. Biden t-shirt in the mail and I wear it every chance I get. Remember the crazy controversy back in December when a Washington Post writer said that Jill Biden needs to drop the doctor from her name because she wasn’t a medical doctor?!? Well, that enraged me on so many levels! Chasten Buttigieg began a campaign to raise money for community colleges by selling these shirts to support Dr. Biden and the work she does for her students. You’d better believe I supported this!!!

To honor Kamala (but, most importantly because I love these shoes!) I have been wearing my new “Kamala Kicks” – aka my platform Converse. Tay and Greg for them for me for Christmas and I am so in love with these shoes. I had the regular black Converse- that I still love and adore, it after 12 years they have a more vintage-rugged look. I wanted a more polished pair of Chucks and these fit the Bill. It doesn’t hurt that they are The VP’s favorite shoe!

Now that adults are back in the White House, I am now sleeping just as soundly as Lily- hope you are, too!

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