Winter Squash Soup

To me, soup is a perfect meal. Unfortunately, not everyone in my family feels that way so soup night is few and far between! But, every once in awhile I put up with the complaining and just go ahead with soup – and this Winter Squash Soup was worth all the angst!

Smitten Kitchen struck again (I LOVE this site!!!) and this recipe was easy, could totally be made ahead, and was good for days after. All things that I find to be amazing attributes when making a new recipe. The original recipe calls for a mix of butternut squash and acorn squash, but, since I have no time for cutting and peeling multiple squash- I just used my handy dandy Trader Joe’s already cubed butternut squash. It really cut the prep time down for me; so much so that it made this a super easy weeknight meal. The other noticeable change I made was using my immersion blender instead of transferring the soup to my blender to puree. Honestly, I just didn’t want another huge appliance to clean (trying to save water – yeah, that’s my excuse!) Once Tay saw me get out the immersion blender she declared that this was the appliance that she wanted to be master of – so I let her puree the entire soup!

While the soup is amazing, the true star of the show is really the Gruyere crouton. You make these toasty little babies to place on top, and they make the soup just that much better! You need to make sure you have a little taste of crouton in every bite – trust me!

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