JoJo’s Biscuits

I have always thought that the perfect biscuit was a top-secret southern power. Like, you had to be from the south and sit at your grandma’s knee to learn the secret to a fluffy, thick, delicious biscuit. Apparently, it’s not- who knew? I found the best biscuit recipe in the world in my Magnolia Kitchen … More JoJo’s Biscuits

Brownie Pie

We were having company over which always means a homemade dessert. I think Greg goes into withdrawals when we don’t have company because I never make dessert for just us! I wanted to make a dessert that would appeal to most palettes and I settled on Magnolia Table’s Brownie Pie. Who doesn’t like brownies??? (Turns … More Brownie Pie

Three Cheese Quiche

In the continuing effort to wow my mom and dad with my culinary skills, I woke up early recently and threw together an amazing breakfast. I have made this quiche from Magnolia Kitchen a few times, and it has never disappointed. Don’t you love having a sure fire recipe in your repertoire??? Although this recipe … More Three Cheese Quiche

Ricotta Pancakes

I love summer for the fact that my mornings are not rushed. Usually, during the school year, I have very regimented, very full mornings. In the summer- I can actually enjoy the start of the day! I had made Magnolia Table’s ricotta pancakes before, and I remember liking them. But, I did not remember liking … More Ricotta Pancakes