Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

Have you noticed a trend in my baking lately…yeah, I can’t seem to stay away from the strawberries! Since these babies are in season and they are so very delicious, I am finding as many ways as I can to use them up! So, when it was time to deliver some sweet treats to friends, it was Mini Strawberry Shortcakes on the menu!

I wanted to make individual sized shortcakes and I have a growing collection of beautiful paper cupcake cups that are perfect for something like this. I found a cute red and white striped cup and baked the bottom of the shortcake right in the paper cup. I wanted a flaky and buttery and sweet shortcake, so I found this recipe online and went with it. I loved it! I made little tops to the shortcake, brushed them with cream, sprinkled sugar on them and baked them separately.

After cooking them, it was time to assemble! I layered strawberries on top of the bottom shortcake and then interspersed the cream… and it wasn’t just whipped cream! I took the cream mixture from Magnolia Table Cookbook for Banana Cream Pudding and used it here. It was so delicious!

Finally, it was time to top the delightful little cups with the baked shortcake and voila- a perfect mini dessert!

These kept well in the fridge for about two days and were the perfect little bite of summer!

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