Butterscotch Pie

Easter Sunday was upon us and I knew I wanted to take this opportunity to try a new dessert recipe to go with my tried-and-true Easter staples. Egg Puff casserole is always on the menu (as it should be!) but I wanted to branch out a bit with the dessert. After looking through some recipes, I finally settled on a dessert I knew would be a hit – Butterscotch Pie.

This pie is for those who love sweets! Greg and my mother-in-law, Helene were in dessert heaven! I’m not a huge fan of super-sweet stuff so this was not my ideal recipe. But, I did appreciate the flavor and the butterscotchiness (like my new word????) that was in this pie!

This pie is awesome for a party or get-together because it is all made ahead and is truly best served cold. I made this the day before we ate it, and, according to Greg, it just got better and better a few days later! I can see this dessert as being perfect for a summer barbecue and really refreshing as the temperatures heat up outside. I like how the homemade whipped cream balanced out the sweetness of the pie and I was thinking – after the fact- that a drizzle of hot fudge would really be an amazing addition!

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