TGIF – fun finds

Welcome to May! I love this month…. the promise of so much fun with summer coming up, the completion of the school year, the warmer weather and longer days…. it’s all good stuff!

This past week has been filled with so much baking! Some very lucky students who are testing for both AP and IB are getting some yummy themed cookies to celebrate them. One of my colleagues ordered these fun cookies for their students and I loved making them.

Speaking of celebratory treats, I made my AP students cupcakes to celebrate them and congratulate them on the test. After a full day of baking and 80 cupcakes later… I hope this little sugar rush made their day!

I follow this amazing local former-food critic on Instagram and she posted this insane picture from Teddy’s By the Sea in Carpinteria. While I have never been there, I will be going there soon! I mean… house made chips and dips?!?! Also – they do flights of margaritas. This place is no joke!

Hope your weekend is lovely and amazing!

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