Congo Bars

This is my friend, Jill. I love Jill. We go together like peas and carrots. Like wine and cheese. See, one of the things that make us so perfect for each other is that Jill is an incredible cook – I crave her short ribs, her roast chicken, her bucatini… and I make the desserts! It is a winning combo, if I do say so myself! So, every once in awhile I receive a text like this (see below) from Jill and I know I have my next mission!

Congo bars are something that I have never heard of, but are relatively simple. It is like a giant chocolate chip cookie bar but with more sugar and butter than normal. These bars came together super fast, and would be perfect for a weeknight dessert or last minute addition to a meal. I had all the ingredients on hand for the bars and I loved that they were like chocolate chip cookies, but without having to scoop out each individual cookie – the perfect dessert for us who are super lazy!

I will be making these bars again and again, so I guess that means that Jill will just have to cook dinner for me again and again…. I hope you are reading this, Jill!

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