Spring Break Recap

Now that Spring Break is officially over and school is back in session, I want to take a moment to reflect on the most laid-back, relaxing vacation we have had in a long time!

Spring break was an at-home affair this year. Usually we would load up the RV to head somewhere, but with the RV sold, and no surgeries for any member on of the family, we just relaxed. Both Greg and I commented more than once that we really live in an amazing place… which is why we pay what we do to live here! The weather was perfect and we even got one night of rain showers which made everything clean and bright. I could not have asked for anything better!

Most mornings consisted of long adventuring walks for Lily and me and leisurely coffee breaks. I never used to enjoy slow mornings but they are something that I have really come to appreciate. Lily and I explored all the local routes and I loved the fact that a long walk in the morning meant a really mellow dog for the rest of the day!

We took a couple day trips to Malibu and Ojai (more about those later!) once again LOVING the place we live! There are so many places to explore right in our backyard!

I got to read some books, decorate some cookies, and try some new recipes over the break, too! Just having a chance to enjoy my hobbies was truly amazing.

I hope everyone who had some time off got to experience as peaceful and tranquil of a time that we did! Now – 31 days left of the school year…

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