Hanukkah 2021

This year (and I don’t know why!) I decided that it was time for all my non-Jewish friends and their children to learn the magic of Hanukkah (and latkes!) through a full-blown Hanukkah party. I roped in my mother-in-law, Helene, and we planned an amazing evening of latkes, menorahs, and lots of dreidel!

As with years past, I was so excited to make some homemade Challah for the party. I love making bread; something about it feels so rustic, and the finished Challah loaves always look so freaking beautiful! In addition to the bread, I also attempted my very first brisket! I was nervous about this one, but Helene shared with me her foolproof recipe that consisted of ginger ale, onion soup mix, and ketchup… and it came out so well!!!

All my friends contributed to the dinner (because they are AMAZING!) and we had a feast! Cameo contributed some amazing Kosher wine from Herzog, a local vineyard, and I once again got to have some of the amazing Jeunesse – a semi-sweet Cabernet that is divine!

Dessert was the traditional jelly doughnuts and I contracted those out to my favorite local doughnut shop – Sugarbox Doughnuts. They came out so beautiful and the “extra” Hanukkah doughnuts that Greg picked up!

After dinner, Helene read the Hanukkah story to all of us, we lit the menorahs, and we all learned how to play dreidel. It was so fun to watch the kids – and the adults- get into it all!

It was such a fun night and I just came to the realization, once again, how lucky I am to be surrounded by such a strong group of friends!

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