Halloween Recap

I love a good friends holiday party, and this year it was a fantastic one! Thanks to the Covid vaccine (❤️) we hosted an amazing pot luck for our group of friends to kick of the holiday season.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, my friends rock. I mean, they are the greatest bunch of humans … and their party skills are bar none. Cameo and her crew rocked some Halloween themed appetizers and I am constantly impressed by their creativity. The Frankenstein’s monster guacamole made a return this year and I was so excited!

Not to be undone, Josh- Cameo’s husband and our resident bartender1 created this delicious and spooky bloody cocktail that was delicious. I loved the fake blood dripping down the glass…

Jill created my new favorite fall dish- a Butternut Squash Soup- with the most ridiculous Rosemary brioche croutons! Is soup an acceptable breakfast food, because I think I need it first thing this morning!!

The whole night was so fun- the kids went trick-or-treating while the parents stayed behind. It was a perfect mix of food, drinks, and friends that we all needed after a long start to the school year. If you can’t tell- we stayed up way past my bedtime, and my little rainbow just couldn’t hang!!!

Oh- did I mention I love my friends?!? 😉 (we missed you, Kel!!!!)

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