TGIF – fun finds

Friday! And the last Friday of October! I am gearing up for an epic Halloween bash with friends on Sunday, and I can’t wait to get together to celebrate the start of the holiday season. I love planning get-togethers with a theme…

This month has been back-to-back orders for my side business, and I finished off the month with a super adorable cupcake order for an 89th birthday. I love making cupcakes and these sprinkle cupcakes with a milk chocolate frosting were so yummy! Plus, the toppers just made me smile!

After mentioning my love of Ted Lasso and how much it made me happy, one of my students gifted me with my very own Ted Lasso inspired poster for my classroom. I hung it right across the room from my desk so that I will always have something to look at that brings a smile to my face!

After my Costco trek recently, the pups scored with some bully bones to gnaw on. Lily gets so excited when she is given a bone; just look at that face!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

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