Key Lime Pie

Who doesn’t like Key Lime Pie? This is an honest question. Really – I get not liking some desserts, but Key Lime Pie is the dessert that everyone can agree upon. Its creamy, and tangy, and the crust… all together it is just so damn good!

One thing I love with any type of pie is the crust. I never think there is enough of the good stuff, so I made a super thick graham cracker crust (1.5 times the original recipe) for my Key Lime Pie. Now, if crust is not your thing – stick with the original recipe, but I have to say… this crust was divine!

I used a very basic, very simple recipe from The Spruce Eats for my pie and I truly loved the simplicity of it. In just a handful of ingredients, a delightful and delicious dessert can be whipped up! I did not have key limes on hand but I just used my typical lime and it worked out just fine!

The finished pie was sublime!!! Seriously, it was so good! The whipped cream topping balances out the tangy lime filling, and the crust… THE CRUST was perfect!!!

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