Do you ever make a dessert that is so easy and so good that you wonder why you don’t make it more often???? Yep, that’s me with tiramisu. I love a good tiramisu, but never think of making it – and I don’t know why! Well, I recently made a delicious Italian-themed dinner and wanted a dessert to go with it, so my mind instantly reverted to this old classic.

I didn’t have a go-to tiramisu recipe recipe so I looked on some of my favorite blogs, and found super simple and easy to follow recipe on What’s Gaby Cooking. It had all the classic Italian flavors so off I went to the store to purchase everything I needed.

Who would have thought that finding the ingredients was going to be such a chore?!? I went to Target, Trader Joes, Albertson’s and finally Sprouts before I could find ladyfingers! It was ridiculous! I was just about to give up hope of ever making a classic tiramisu when I stumbled upon them. I ended up buying an extra package to store in my pantry for next time!

The tiramisu itself was so easy to assemble and, bonus, it is a no-cook recipe! My kitchen stayed nice and cool! When it came time to eat this masterpiece I was in heaven… and so thankful I remembered it!

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