Coconut Cream Cheese Brownies

Now that we are back to teaching in person, I have ramped up my baking of sweet-treats in order to boost morale within my department. Yep, I’m using sugar to make everyone happy! We have department meetings once a month and I have made it my mission this year to (once again!) supply my colleagues with a new delight to make the meetings all the more sweeter!

I wanted to test out a new recipe (thanks department for being my guinea pigs!) so I visited one of my favorite baking blogs, Sally’s Baking Addiction, for some inspiration. Immediately I landed on her Coconut Cream Cheese Brownies and I knew this is what I was going to make!

I love a good cheesecake brownie- the mix of the sweet chocolate and the tangy, savory, cream cheese… it is a perfect dessert for me! I had never contemplated mixing some coconut into the brownies before, but I was excited at the idea of this new addition.

Well, I am happy to report that coconut in the cream cheese brownies is amazing! The mix of coconut and coconut extract lends a nice depth of flavor without being too overpowering and all the flavors meld so well together! Another successful dessert!

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