Raspberry Peach Sherbet

I have found yet another new-to-me blog that I am so excited to dive deeper into. Half Baked Harvest is a beautiful blog that has so many fantastic looking recipes. I am not sure how I found it, I think it might have been just scrolling through IG, but I am so happy I did. I made my first HBH recipe this week and it was wonderful!!!

It has been peach season in our house (my favorite season!) and I have been buying and eating as many peaches as possible. I had the problem of all my peaches ripening at the exact same time, and I wanted a good way to use them. I found the raspberry peach sherbet on the HBH website and knew this is what I wanted to make.

The recipe itself is crazy simple. There are a total of 5 ingredients and you don’t have to churn this treat, so no ice cream maker is needed! The only specialized equipment was a blender so pretty basic!

Basically, the recipe calls for you to make two different sherbets, a peach and a raspberry one, and then swirl them together in a container to finish it off. The colors of each sherbet were fantastic – they screamed summer to me. Honestly, if nothing else, this was a pretty dessert!

After freezing overnight, we tried the sherbet and…WOW!!!! This healthy-ish dessert was incredible. It was creamy and fruity and perfect for a warm summer evening. Tay even asked for seconds – and she is the pickiest of picky eaters!!!

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