Strip Tease

A few months ago, my sister-n-law, Jessica (check out her blog, Budgeting with Boys – it’s incredible!) told me about stripping her sheets and towels. Weird I know, and I had never heard about it so I was super confused. Apparently, detergent and grime can build up within our laundry when we wash it, and this process called “stripping” basically eliminates all this grossness and leaves you with the freshest, cleanest laundry ever. With my summer of clean underway, I was game to finally start stripping!

Stripping isn’t rocket science, but it does take a few items that you might not have on hand. For me, it was the Borax. I have never used Borax before, but luckily it is something that my local Target carries so it was easy to pick up. I found the directions for stripping here, but a bunch of different sites have a few modified tweaks off of this. I read on a different blog to add a little white vinegar for freshness so I threw that in as well. Figured it couldn’t hurt!

I started stripping the towels and then moved onto the sheets and the comforters and pretty much anything else I could find. The process is long (about 4 hours total) but the hand’s-on time is minimal. I was fascinated with checking on the linens being stripped and seeing all the gunk that came out of them. It was gross – but strangely appealing!

I was so happy with the results of the stripping and I totally noticed a difference in the softness and cleanliness of the linens. This is something that I would love to do twice a year – although realistically speaking, I will probably add it to my summer to-do list each year!

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