TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday!

With my mom in town this past week, we took part in our favorite past time – shopping- and hit up some pretty good sales that are going on. Obviously, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is always a fan favorite, but so many retailors are also having incredible sales right now, too. Here are some of my favorite finds…

I have been eyeing these overalls at Anthropologie for ages and – behold – they were on the clearance rack at my Anthro for $50 off AND an additional 20% off of that! These overalls are unique, not at all what you would expect “regular” overalls to look like. On top of that, they are so soft and stretchy, they are like wearing sweatpants all day! I have figured out about 1,000 ways to style these babies through the summer and fall… I just can’t wait!

Another big purchase I made was my much-coveted, adorable clogs… WHICH I HAVE BEEN STALKING FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS!!! Backstory: when we visited Sweden years ago I discovered the brand, Swedish Hasbeens, and fell in love. They are handmade, authentic clogs that last forever and are timeless. I got a pair of sandal-y ones, but decided later on to get the Dagny’s. Unfortunately, I bought my original pair of clogs when they were having a super sale and I couldn’t wrap my head around paying $260 for the Dagny clogs I so wanted. Knowing they had a sale each summer, I religiously check the website… and it finally paid off. I got my Dagny clogs for $104 and my heart is so happy!!!!

These were not my only fun new purchases, but they certainly are my favorites. As I am trying to be more deliberate with what I purchase and really set out to buy only those things I truly love, I think these purchases will be perfect additions to my wardrobe.

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