Good Reads

With all the reading I’ve been doing lately – and the different genres of books I’ve been trying- I knew I couldn’t stay away from Lisa Jewell for long! When a new (to me!) Jewell book showed up on my Libby app I devoured it in no time at all – and it didn’t disappoint!

Invisible Girl is an interesting twist on a missing girl novel. Saffyre, a troubled young girl, goes missing and all eyes turn to the single, male teacher who was recently accused of inappropriate behavior with his own students. The novel is told from a few different perspectives, most notably Saffyre, the teacher, Owen Pick, and a nosy neighbor – who’s own life is full of secrets!

Not only was this book a thriller, but it had a totally unexpected ending – which I love about Lisa Jewell books! I think this one would be in my top 3 Lisa Jewell books… although I am not opposed to doing some more research and reading all that she has to offer!

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