RV Adventures- SLO with friends

When it comes to camping, we are certainly creatures of habit. We love the same spots and we visit them again and again- but, I see nothing wrong with that! Recently we brought our friends along to San Luis Obispo and introduced them to our favorite spot.

While our trips usually consist of a lot of biking and hiking- this one was a little more slow paced due to the gaggle of kids we had in tow. It was actually nice to explore what else the coast has to offer- especially in the form of large, loud, and lethargic sea life! Our first adventure was up the coast a bit to San Simeon where we visited the sea lions and watched them in all their glory. If you have never experienced sea lions up close and personal- it’s something you really need to do. The kids (and adults!) were entranced by nature at its finest!!!

On our way back from San Simeon we stopped in the itty-bitty town of Harmony, CA and had a quick snack of grilled cheese and ice cream. I know- weird combo- but in a town where they are known for their creamery (at one time) and that’s pretty much it, you just go with it. Plus, who am I to complain about two of my favorite foods at once…

Our last stop was at the new SLO Brew. For as long as I remember, SLO Brew was an institution in downtown, but in the last few years they moved to the outskirts of town to an awesome new facility known as “The Rock.” It was such a cool place to hang out and get a beer, and there was plenty of room for the kiddos to play on the grass.

The weekend was so nice that I think we may have convinced our friends that our favorite spot can also be their new favorite spot, too!!!

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