TGIF- fun finds

Happy first Friday of summer! It’s been a jam-packed week for us (which I will share in upcoming blogs!) and we are off today on yet another adventure. Summer is officially here!!!

I celebrated another journey around the sun last week and my lovely husband and daughter got me the exact pair of Birkenstock’s I have been eyeing for some time. Yes, I may have a Birkenstock addiction…but we don’t really need to discuss that! The Arizona Big Buckle slides in Dove Grey are such an amazing addition to my shoe collection…

I saw this on the HGTV Instagram page and I am enamored! How cute is this wine table/planter?!? I secretly (or not so secretly!) want to make this for my friend’s next birthday…guess I need to find some plans!!!

As my cookie orders for the season wrapped up, a customer sent me this photo of cookies I did for her retirement party. I love seeing my cookies out in the wild! But more than that- I love how happy they seem to make people!!!

Enjoy your day- as much as Oscar enjoys his patch of sun in the afternoon!!!

Happy Friday!!!

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