TGIF- fun finds

It’s done- another school year in the books! My 18th year of teaching is over… and what a year it has been! On one hand- this year flew by…but then again it seems like it’s been precisely 3,472 days since I was physically at school with my students. What a wild ride!

I doubt I am the only one, but my nails have taken a beating since this whole quarantine thing began. I had been getting gel manicures for the last few years and not having the ability to get my nails done really has wrecked my hands. I found this cuticle oil for my nails on Amazon and I LOVE the results! I put it on once or twice a day and my nails are so much healthier and happier!!!

Cookie orders are still flowing in and I love being able to celebrate the big moments in people’s lives. It makes me so happy knowing that they are so happy!!! You know…it’s the little things…

Finally, the most perfect stack of pancakes! The other morning I wanted to make some homemade blueberry pancakes and I have never found the perfect recipe. I decided to try one from my cookbook, Family Meals: Creating Traditions in the Kitchen and I was so happy! Their blueberry pancake recipe made the fluffiest most delicious treat!

Have a great weekend and for everyone it applies to… HAPPY SUMMER!!!

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