TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! I am so thrilled it is finally February. This month is always one of my favorites- we have a four day weekend (President’s Day) and Tay’s birthday. Lots of celebrating going on here!!

I finally have found the best dog backpack for our little dachshund! The Timbuktu MuttMover backpack is not only comfortable for me, but Oscar loves being able to go on long hikes and not have any added pressure on his hips. What makes this backpack unique is that the dog doesn’t have to sit upright to stick their head out of the top of the backpack. The head openings are on the side of the backpack so your pup can lay down and still have access to the great outdoors.

So, I might be late the game (ok- I admit it. I’m totally late to the game!) but this cheese from Trader Joe’s has to be one of the tastiest cheeses I have ever had. Unexpected Cheddar is just that- unexpectedly delicious! It’s a cheddar cheese with a hint of Parmesan that makes anything you pair with it taste amazing. I can’t keep this in my house because between Tay and me we will devour a block in a matter of minutes…it’s that good!

My sweet doggie, Lily, has a torn ACL and is down for the count for the next few weeks. She loves being active and being outside, so keeping her confined to the indoors is a challenge. Tay has been so loving towards her and the two of them continue to be little buds.

Hope you get to spend some time with your best bed this weekend (whether it be of the two or four legged variety!)

Happy Friday!

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