Salted Butter-Caramel Chocolate Mousse

My dear friend, Jill, is a total Francophile and a wonderful cook, so at the holidays I found the best cookbook to give her. After I purchased it, I skimmed through the book and realized I wanted my very own copy of My Paris Kitchen, too! The stories, the pictures, the recipes…it really is a work of art! Well, my little elf (Tay) was listening when I said I wanted it, so guess what was waiting for me under the tree come Christmas morning!!!! My very own copy…

Deciding on the first recipe to make out of the book was harder than I thought it would be, but it turned out I wanted to make a dessert. Not just any dessert, but the most decadent, amazing sounding dessert ever- Salted Butter-Caramel Chocolate Mousse. I had never made a mousse before, but the recipe seemed deceptively simple, so I decided to give it a go. Plus, Greg adores anything with caramel so I knew this one would be a hit.

The first step is to make a caramel, and, if you have never made homemade caramel, it really is easy! The one thing to remember is to NEVER walk away from the caramel- the sugar goes from beautiful brown to burnt in just a second! Personally, I find such satisfaction in creating a perfect caramel. The color, the smell, the taste…when you’ve got it- you’ve got it!

The rest of the mousse come together in no time at all. You separate some eggs, whip the whites, and then put it all in the fridge for 8 hours. Yep- 8 hours! There is a lot of pre-planning involved, which is sad, because all you want to do is eat this delectable mousse when you smell everything all together. Ohhhh- it’s good!

I took my first bite of the mousse and I was blown away! My first reaction was disbelief that I had made something that tasted so damn delicious! The flavors are complex, the texture is light and creamy, and everything came together beautifully. This is a company dessert, you know, the one you make when people come over and you want to impress!

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